Many people feel that their lives are too short, because they don’t accomplish what they want. Missed opportunities happen either because people just don’t know what to do to achieve their goals or they lack the motivation to implement what they know. I use step-by-step methods and offer support to help people to realize that they can create what they want by implementing the necessary actions to achieve their goals.

Why Hire a Coach?

Coaching identifies the fears and obstacles that keep you from having what you truly want and provides a specific action plan towards reaching your goals. Coaching can help with these common dilemmas:

  • Feeling inadequate regarding finances and earning power.
  • Knowing what you want but lacking the discipline to do what it takes to get it.
  • Knowing you need to improve your skills but lacking the motivation to do what’s necessary.
  • Feeling like there is too much to do and too little time in which to do it.
  • Placing other people’s needs before your own all the time.
  • Lacking an ability to balance work and family and still find time for you.
  • Feeling overwhelmed when faced with a new project.
  • Feeling your hard work doesn’t get much accomplished.
  • Desiring a relationship but lacking the knowledge of how to find the right person.
  • Wanting to be happy in your primary relationship but feeling unable to heal difficulties.

• Coping with the problems of aging relatives.

4 Mistakes a gutter expert will never make

It’s important to make sure that the company you are contacting for your gutter installation or gutter maintenance is experienced in their field. There are ample of companies selling and installing gutters but you need to chose the one which is knowledge and have expertise in installing the gutters for at least few years. Why it’s so important? Simple, because incorrectly installed gutters won’t solve your problem, rather they will increase it and lead to some major damage.

Here are 4 mistakes with a professional will never make

Since the professionals know their work, they won’t make these mistakes and will provide you only benefits.

  • Installing the wrong type of gutter

Different gutters can be required for different houses, depending on the area, roof, and pitch. An expert will first consider several factors such as the slope of your roof, rainfall rate, area of the roof and then recommend a specific gutter. In case it’s too small, it may lead to overflowing of water. Even the material of the gutter also plays a vital role while selecting the same. You want something durable, in your budget so that you won’t have to go for another gutter installation for several years.

  • Improper installations

There are several things which an expert will follow to make sure the installation is done correctly. Because in case they are not hung correctly, they might fall, or won’t work properly, causing even more damage.

  1. To avoid damaging the fascia, its required to place the gutter just below the edge of the roof.

  2. Gutters need to be slightly sloped towards the downspouts; else they won’t be able to drain the water out.

  3. Proper hanging, which an inexperienced one fails to do. It will affect the structure of your home as well damage the gutters. Therefore, It’s essential to provide proper support to the gutter so that it can withstand the heavy rain, ice or snowfall.

  • Many Seams

A cheap gutter might have short pieces which result in more seams. More seams mean a higher risk of gutter failure. That is the reason experts suggest to go for seamless gutters as compares to sectional gutters. Make sure your contractor is using the best one for your gutter installation.

  • Gutter covers are important

A gutter system is essential for your house, in the same way, gutter covers are important for gutters. Ask your contractor to provide high-quality gutter covers to protect the gutters from leaves, animals, etc. which might result in blocking them. An expert will tell you about the benefits of using a gutter cover and how it can reduce your gutter maintenance cost. It will keep your gutters clean which will long-last, and chances of debris as well as stains will be less as compared to open gutters.

Always keep in mind that improperly installed gutters will ultimately cause problems. Issues can be flooding in the basement, soil erosion, damage to your fascia, etc. Therefore find a reputable gutter contractor and avoid all these issues at the start only.

Our Mission

At Compassionate Consulting we encourage everyone to experience lives filled with joy and contentment. We want to help people wake up excited about their lives every day and to live life to its fullest.

Compassionate Consulting works towards these goals using warmth, humor and compassion. We use tried-and-true techniques to help people reach their goals.



Casey Truffo is a nationally knows speaker and seminar leader. She has more than 15 years experience in business working for major corporations in senior management positions. She has also owned her own business for the past seven years. Because of these experiences, she understands the challenges faced both by those who work for others and for entrepreneurs.

Casey has spent 11 years in the personal development field and is a licensed psychotherapist. Her experience in this field allows her to excel in several areas including coaching and motivational speaking. As well, her life and business experience allows her to empathize with her clients as they experience the challenges faced in their business and personal lives.

People tend to walk around with that proverbial stone in their shoe. Compassionate Consulting helps you remove that stone and have an easier, more rewarding life.